I have a new goal for the ol’ blog: I want to incorporate some of my DIYs and share some of my fabulous refurbs.

First up, I made a freaking headboard. Yep, I did it, and it only took me 3 months! OK, so 3 months is a very long time and not at all realistic as to the actual time invested in the project. The materials for the headboard sat in the garage for over 3 months, but actual construction time was more like 8-10 hours (estimated).

Let me preface this with the fact, which will become more and more obvious, that I have next to no wood working experience. I’m using methods that may seem utterly ridiculous to an experienced individual. But then again, why would that person need my tutorial? Use your noggin, folks. If you have an idea which seems smarter, go with it! 🙂

Here’s a quick breakdown of materials and my method:

2 full pallets
1″x 2″ wood**
Medium/coarse grit & fine grit sand paper
Paint or Stain
Wood Screws
Heavy duty photo hanger
Flat metal brackets
Hand sander
2# rubber mallet
Pry bar
Tape measure
Painter’s Tape
Circular Saw
Safety goggles
Ear protection
**1 x 2’s are optional. You can use scraps. See below instructions for detail.

  • Prep:This first step may come as a surprise, but I actually cleaned, sanded, and painted the boards before de-constucting the pallets. This way, they’re in place and won’t move around as you prep them. I didn’t spend too much time cleaning them as most the gunk gets removed via sanding. Next, I sanded first with the medium/coarse grit, then with the finer grit, to remove splintered pieces and rough patches. As for the color, I used a watered down leftover wall color (Behr’s Perfect Beige) and Krylon Almond spray. I only used two tones because I ran out of the first color, but the I really the after effect, so it worked out well.
  • Hard work: break down those pallets!So, as it turns out, pallets are very well constructed, and for good reason given their purpose in life. So this step comes with it’s trials. This is actually the reason why it took me nearly a quarter of a year to finish the project. I eventually enlisted the help of a good DIYer friend who has a lot of experience in this field. Once she clued me in (and practically tackled an entire pallet herself), the project was smooth sailing. Here’s the method we used:Using mallet and pry bar, starting on the outside, carefully and a little at a time, hammer the bar in between the board to be removed and the brace board, working on one nail at a time. I say carefully and a little at a time because attempting to whack it out with brute force will crack the boards and render them useless. So slowly and a little at a time is the way to go here. I work back and forth between each nail, trying to evenly remove the board, creating less stress on the wood. You will inevitably crack some boards; you can’t save them all. When this happens, to save as much board as possible, saw the board at the crack; this works out quite well since you’ll need odd sized boards anyway. I worked on the ends of the board before moving to the center brace.

    In some cases, depending on the particular pallet, you will have a nail that loosens in way that you can remove it using the pry end of a hammer. You’ll have nails that will sometimes break off in the brace board, I just hammer these down and over. As for the nails that remain in the board once it’s removed, use your hammer to pry them free.

  •  Dimensions:Measure the space where the headboard will be hung. In our case, we wanted about 30″ of headboard, coming down just below mattress level, and extending about a 1/2″ on either side. My target dimensions were 60″ x 30″, though the height ended up about 32″, because of varying board width.Using your painter’s tape, lay out an outline of your dimensions onto your workspace floor. This is an simple way to measure once and move on.
  • Design:Begin laying out your pattern, staggering boards and arranging interesting wood grain and knots to your liking. I actually started in the center, making sure to get the staggered bricklaying effect without getting a repetitive pattern.You may have boards overlapping the tape outline as well as some spots where there’s gap; you’ll fill these gaps with the resulting scrap pieces from the overlapped boards. Using a pencil, mark the cut line on the end boards where they overlap the tape outline, then cut and puzzle-piece to fill in your gaps.
  •  Assembly:Once you get your desired pattern, flip boards over to begin.First, join horizontal boards using flat metal brackets. To join vertically, I used some 1″ x 2″ scrap wood I had hanging around. You can use pallet scraps if you have some left over. Screw 3 lengths of this support wood directly into the boards. I didn’t have enough wood to go the full height three times, so I did the outer pieces full length, and used the remaining length for the center.

    Now, as I’ve mentioned before, this is not a pro job. I have never worked with wood to this capacity, so there may be a smarter way to assemble, but this worked for me. Use your short cuts if you have any!

    Since these support pieces added additional depth to the headboard, in order to apply the photo hanger, I needed to add a piece of wood to screw into so it would hang flush. I hope that makes sense – I can’t think of a better way to phrase it. The photos should clarify. Follow directions on the hanger kit for leveling and whatnot.

  • Framing:Stand headboard up, or flip over. I mix-matched whatever pieces I had remaining in my stock to frame. Screw those babies on and you’re nearly done!
  • Measure, level, and hang support piece for hanger, and you’re DONE!
  • Pat yourself on the back because YOU JUST DID THAT! I seriously stood there, smiling ear to ear, feeling proud for a good 5 minutes. This is a huge project for a girl who has no experience beyond 5th grade shop class, where I made a bird house. I’m still kinda glowing…and jumping at the opportunity to show it off to house guests. 🙂 Can you blame me?!

And now for the best part: PHOTOS! I have not the patience for in-progress photography. I just want the sucker done, so I don’t stop and add time to the project by snapping pics.

I was going for rustic and imperfect and that’s exactly what I got.

Thanks for stopping by! More DIYs to come!




I know, I know, I’ve been SUCH a slacker when it comes to diligently dedicating time to the ol’ blog. Life gets in the way sometimes, ya know?

Anyways, what’s been going on with my journey to a healthier ME? Well, I’ve been eating healthy MOST days, which is a triumph. I do, however, feel there’s room for improvement, namely eating LESS. I tend to graze all day, and eat too frequently when my body isn’t asking to be fed. Too much food is too much food, no matter how you crack it (calories in/calories out). So after reading up on fasting (link to Mark’s Daily Apple, and his FAQ posting, the last in a seven part series), I decided to complete an 18-24 hour fast, to commence after last night’s dinner meal. My good friend and I had a little dinner+baby play date at her house, where we noshed on a Spinach Cobb BAS (big ass salad) – complete with avocado, feta, tomato, craisins, hard boiled egg, white wine & rosemary roasted chicken, tossed in balsamic vinegar. I introduced her to a primal style dessert I threw together last minute, which I usually like to make as a breakfast item. Enter, FAUXtmeal. Follow me…

oatmeal sans grain

In your Crockpot: (I almost NEVER measure anything)

some almonds+shredded coconut+sunflower seeds+cinnamon+vanilla+cococa powder+milk (coconut or dairy)+a wee bit ‘o honey. on low. til brown (be sure not to burn. liquid will dry up). once done, puree w/ more milk or heavy cream+fresh fruit (i used bananas and strawberries). EASY & delicious. Served over cinnamon and vanilla banana “ice cream”, this is a quick and safe dessert.


So yeah, after that delicous dinner, I began, and have since ended, a fast, which wound up being 18hours total. I definitely could have gone longer, but while making lunch for My Girl, I decided to just have some food since my body was asking. Enter recipe numero dos:


Garlic Sauteed Steamed Golden Beets:
i{heart}them, even though that title is rather confusing

a) steam yo’ beets (microwave or range-top). my choice was a big ol’ honkin’ organic golden beet, which i peeled and sliced kinda thin’ish. steam til they’re forkable <–technical culinary term you may not have heard of, then drain/dry


2) over mediumish heat, saute aforementioned steamed beets with the most delicious thing I’ve ever sauteed anything in ever: garlic infused olive oil. once they’ve begun to turn golden brown, they have carmelized, and this is the most amazing thing. I decided to add some red pepper rings to the pan because it sounded like the perfect idea (and I’m still not convinced it wasn’t).

finally) enjoy those babies because they’re good. and you never knew you’d ever love beets as much as you do in this moment, which is a beautiful thing.

PS. I do, in fact, realize that twice cooking beets probably eliminates a lot of their nutrient value, but I’m OK with that because they’re delicious, and I get me vitamins in other places.

And now, for my newest series…….




OR in this case — friendly for those who don’t have molars and think beets taste remarkably similar to dirt, which is silly because I have on numerous occasion seen this child eat PLAIN dirt, which is, of course, not recommended (it’s yucky, unlike BEETS!)

1st) mash up steamed beets

second) add homemade (or store bought if that’s how you roll) yogurt

THEN) season with love, which is cinnamon for those of you who don’t know better, and a bit of ground ginger.


My Girl only LOVE THE CRAP out of this kid-friendly yucky-turned-yummy veggie dish, the evidence is (NOT) in the empty bowl. Who cares that most of it ended up on the floor, all over her face, and somehow UNDER her legs (while seated in her high chair). She liked the bits that actually made it to her mouth.

OK, enough of the recipes, & back to fasting. Mark‘s fasting series has reminded me to listen to my body and be more present in the moment. Going forward, my goal is to eliminate mindless grazing, and eat W.H.E.N., When Hunger Ensues Naturally. AKA when your tummy grumbles at you, asking you to nourish it, not stuff it full. With this freshened approach to nutrition, paired with his primal approach to fitness, I hope to meet a healthier, leaner, stronger, sexier version of ME, not only in the mirror, but inside too.

Chao (and CHOW) for now…


“What I Got” Soup…

January 20, 2012

I’m here with a yummy soup recipe that is, you guessed it, made of “what I got” in the kitchen, which is not very much at this point; a trip to the grocery is in my very near future. So, here it is, a thrown together lunch that has our belly’s happy and full on this THIRD snow day …

“What I Got” Soup
(all measurements are estimations, which is how I roll)

***A few cups (maybe 3-4) of homemade chicken broth (I added a cup of water to a whole roasting chicken, which I cooked on low in the crock for 3-4 hours, or until 165* internal temp. I removed the meat and set it aside, then added the bones, fat, and cartilage to the water, as well as another 2c of water then cooked on low overnight. Voila! Chicken Stock/Brothe, whatever…)
***1 large yam, cubed then steamed in the microwave with 2tsp coconut oil, a few dashes each of cinnamon & ginger, pinch salt
***1/2 onion, chopped and sauteed with garlic powder & coconut oil
***about a cup of almond milk
***1 tsp ginger powder
***1/2 tsp cinnamon

In a food processor, puree onion and sweet potato. Add spices, then broth and almond milk slowly, being sure to integrate thoroughly. DONE! So easy and so good! Even the hubby thinks so. ENJOY!

The Hunger Within

January 18, 2012

If you were to sneak into my home and see what I’ve been up to the past two days you’d most likely find me snacking. I’ve been insatiable and thank heavens I’m on the restrictive diet or else I’d rationalize eating the whole container of dark chocolate covered almonds…and all the cheese…and the frozen birthday cake. Yes, I froze some of Little Girl’s birthday cake so that I may enjoy it once the Whole30 days are up. I have to see what all the ‘mmm’ing and ‘ahhh’ing’ were all about at the party this past weekend.

Speaking of which, I prepared a nice little spread of  “safe” foods  myself and the 4 or 5 other guests who happen to be participating in either a cleanse of the Whole30 program. Of course, I had to make a dish to please the Man and his men friends. And then there was the aforementioned cake, each of which (yes, there were two) were beautifully decorated and generously frosted. Despite the overwhelming amount of temptation, I was able to stick to my plan, and (somehow) successfully avoided shoving my face full of dip and cake. How I managed to do so still baffles me…

Healthy (and crowd pleasing) Party Food

Baba Ganoush aka Roasted Eggplant dip
Mango and Tomato Salsa
Chicken Salad w/ homemade mayo
Roasted Beet Chips
Crispy Sweet Potato Fries
Fresh Veggie Platter (broccoli, carrot sticks, zucchini sticks, turnip chips)
Vanilla-Cinnamon-Banana “Ice Cream”
Vanilla-Almond-Coconut-Date “Granola” (I call it faux-nola)
Not-So-Healthy (but equally if not more crowd pleasing) Party Food
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Fritos, Tostitos and Triscuits
Birthday Cake

Also, last week I downloaded the PDF version of Well Fed, Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan. Seriously, if you only buy one cookbook this year this needs to be it. She’s really compiled an amazing set of recipes which, she says, were tried and tested until perfection. And I must say, the recipe titled “The Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat” is doggone ridiculously good (don’t forget to make the Moroccan Sauce that accompanies it – seriously worth the extra 3 minutes). Last night was a dinner night with good friends and The Best Chicken was on the menu, along with roasted asparagus and creamy mashed cauliflower. Needless to say, we were all members of the Clean Plate Club. Now, go buy that book!

We had Moroccan Meatballs, a recipe from ‘Well Fed’, a cookbook of Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/wellfed/) by Melissa Joulwan. No photos of the dish (it was a pretty one!) which I completely intended to do but Baby Girl had a different idea. The guys ate (Daddy O had a buddy over to watch NBA) while I tended to her. By the time I came down, my plate was cold and Daddy O had already packed up the leftovers. Good man I’ve got, by the way…just sayin’. 🙂

Anyways, here it is: my honest-to-goodness menu from the past two days. 

Menu for the past two days:

B: 1 mango jalapeno sausage (then to the grocery store to stock up)
Snack: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil 
L: Small bowl of leftover “chili” 
Snacks: pieces of Baby Girl’s meals (throughout the day) banana, roasted sweet potato, clementine wedges, handful sunflower seeds
D: roughly 5oz grassfed sirloin, grilled with spices, coconut oil sauteed brussel sprouts w/ garlic
SS: 3/4 baked apple and raisins w/ cinnamon and coconut oil (I decided to save the last quarter for another night)

B: 2pc bacon, 2 eggs, 2 cups black coffee
Snack: 1 date, handfull roasted and salted almonds and sunflower seeds
L: Burger patty w/ 1.5pc bacon, saut mushrooms and garlic, sliced tomato, 1/2 clementine
Post Run Snack: small banana, small handful of coconut flakes 
D: Moroccan Meatballs w/ Cauliflower “rice” (3 or 4 meatballs w/ a healthy scoop of sauce and onions, and 5 steamed cauliflower florets microwave-steamed w/ coconut oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Also, I threw in a small handful of raisins into my sauce. Definitely a nice little sweet touch to the savory sauce.)

It’s strange how, as the day goes on, you don’t feel like you’ve eaten too much, but once it’s on paper (or the web as it were) it seems like so much more. I’m not one for counting calories on the regular, but I feel like today’s meal would come in pretty high. I guess I’ll never know unless I plug it in. Every once in awhile, though, I get super motivated and track everything through fitday.com, but it’s so much time and effort to keep track of it all. I guess the meatballs and sauce with cauliflower were just so rich it makes me feel guilty – like I’ve somehow cheated. Maybe that’s a sign of a good meal? Who knows… I definitely won’t be having a Sanity Snack tonight (aka sweet treat). 

A big thing happened for me today: I actually committed to and started training for my first 5k run! This is huge for me. I’ve always wanted to do a Run but haven’t had the courage before now. I can remember the last time I ran on purpose for fitness: Crossfit WOD March 2010! That was only 22 months ago…and I’m certain it was less than a mile, and not consecutive. Well, tonight I mustered up the willpower to start training. I bundled up and broke in my new LuLu pants as I ran aimlessly through our neighborhood. I had one plan, actually, run until my lungs hurt. My legs were actually good to go, but it was my lungs that did me in. I’m betting the cold temps didn’t help my situation. I set my phone to a tracking app and took off. Turns out I ran for exactly 10 minutes and covered 1.17 miles! I can confidently say I have never ever in my life run that far in one outing. That’s both exciting and a little sad. I’m surprised and excited to have 1.17 miles as my starting off point. It gives me hope that getting up to 5k won’t be as difficult as I had originally thought. You can definitely expect to hear about my journey up to running 5k. Who knows where I’ll go from there!

Well, I’m hoping to get a little light yoga in tonight before bed (Daddy O actually jumped in with me last night!). 

Til’ next time!

Peace out, cub scout…

Well, hello there! It’s only been 22 months since my last post. That kind of qualifies as falling off the blogging wagon, huh? I suppose it all started with a week-long trip to Seattle, followed by a week in Cancun, backed up with growing a little baby, having said baby, and now, regaining my sense of ‘ME’ and my body (a year after that little baby joined my life). So I suppose a few things have happened in the last 22 months. 

I’m here again, though, revisiting The Whole30 http://whole9life.com/2012/01/whole-30-v2012/, a ‘get back to what’s good and real’ approach to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve had some friends express interest in this next phase, so I thought I’d fire up the ole blog and put it out there for the whole world to see. (See former blog post on my first experience with The Whole30 https://imajinethat.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/the-whole30-challenge/).

My goal with this is to post some of my recipes and open the waves for communication, growth, and learning. In true Jamie form, I decided to do this on a whim (along with a friend who’s doing the same). I like challenging myself without warning – no time for preparation. Just do it. Now. This moment. And, here I am. Day two. Here goes nothing!

Day One:

B: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 1 mango and jalapeno sausage link (no sugar added), black coffee

L: George Foreman grilled Chicken Breast (spice rub), 1/2 a pear (shared w/ MJ and Daddy), 40 or so salted pistachios.

D: Chili 

SS (sanity snack): Baked apple topped with Banana “ice cream”

Recipes (or a rough outline of one):

– Chili –  

Sautee and carmelize 1/2 Yellow Onion, 1 Red pepper. Keep warm in separate sauce pan.
Deglaze skillet with a few ounces red wine. Add and brown 1# ground beef. Drain grease. Return to pan and spice with taco seasoning mix (no sugar added, no msg). Add in 3 cloves minced garlic, 1 handful each of chopped cilantro and basil. Stir in 1 can stewed tomatoes and one small can tomato paste. Add in onions and red pepper, simmer til you’re ready to eat! Hubby had it over angel hair pasta, topped with cheese. If I had some zucchini or spaghetti squash, I’d have had it over that, but I just ate it out of the bowl with a spoon, but like I said, I started on a whim with whatever I had in the house – no prep first!!

– Almond Apple Crumble – I made these the night before I started, so they have honey in them. 

5 peeled, seeded and halved apples, laid in a glass baking dish. In mixing bowl, combine 1 c almond flour, 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg (allspice works as well). In a separate bowl, combine 1/2 c melted coconut oil, 1/4c honey or agave nectar, 1 tsp vanilla. Add oil mixture to dry mixture. Spread almond mix over apples and bake @ 350* for 60 mins (30 mins for crisper apples). I scooped the honey crumble mix off and enjoyed this as a Sanity Snack topped with Banana “Ice Cream”. I will make a honey-free version from now on, maybe even mix in some banana or raisins into the almond mix to sweeten. 

– Banana “Ice Cream” – 

Chop bananas into small piece and place in  freezer. Once frozen, or nearly frozen if you’re impatient like I am, place in food processor and blend. This will get you a nice Dip’n’Dots texture. For a creamier texture, let bananas thaw for a few minutes before blending. 

*option* spice it up with vanilla extract, almond extract, raisins, cinnamon, etc.

Day Two Menu to come!

Thanks for tuning in. I hope to have a renewed sense of health (and willpower!) by the end of the 30 days, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you. And if a slimmer body happens along the way I guess I’ll take that, too. 🙂


The Whole30 Program

January 10, 2012

The Whole30 Program

Crossfit wasn’t in the stars today b/c of work obligations so I settled for a day at the park. This was no ordinary trip though. After reading Tom Greenwald’s blog on Natural Fitness (natural movement, natural training, etc), I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate a little “non-traditional” exercise into my routine.

Well, this afternoon could not have been a more perfect day to hit the nature fitness trail over at Broad Ripple Park. The roughly 1/4 mile dirt and gravel trail has several fitness stations along the way, with coordinating instruction plaques. You can find a rope climb, different bars for sit ups, pullups, pushups, and general monkeying around among the 15 or so stations. While warming up I spotted a fantastic 12 foot-ish fallen branch, and it was screaming at me to please pick it up and play… Who am I to turn down a good branch? We had the best time, the branch and I. We did power cleans, snatches, push jerks, front squats, over head squats, back squats, sprints, push presses…oh, the joys!

I’ll be honest, that while I sweated and panted, I really did have fun carrying around my big stick. The strange looks had to be the best part though. I’d say people were generally confused and curious; it’s not every day you see a girl sprinting around with a large branch.

On the nutrition front, I’m still chugging along with the 30 day Paleo challenge. I think I’m in day 5 now, but would have to refer back to my blog post to be sure. For breakfast, I’ve been eating eggs and either un-cured, nitrate free, low sodium bacon or sausage, usually with a piece of fruit, some nuts and a fish oil capsule. I like to get a big meal in to last me through the afternoon hours. Lunch and dinner vary depending on my work/social/hobby schedule, but usually involve a salad (spinach, cilantro, mushrooms, carrots, nuts, chicken, balsamic & EVOO – or some variation), some home made guacamole, salsa & veggies, and fruit combo. I’m always eating nuts (or almond butter) and seeds for snacks too. And lots of water as well. Black coffee (maybe with some cinnamon) is making its way into my menu a few times a week as well.

I can definitely detect a slimming effect going on as well as a shift in the digits on the scale, so it’s a success even 5 days in.

It’s currently time for the third most important thing in my day…sleep!

Happy Spring, everyone!

Just a lil linkage on the feisty, elusive Peanut.

Found this sweet little “Peanut Manifesto” from my friends over at Whole 9 Life.

Are they nuts? Are they legumes? What’s a legume any damn way?

Will I ever be able to enjoy my beloved PB&J’s? In short, no. Primal/Paleo don’t do sandwiches at all (um, bread! and hello! jelly! <–can you say ‘sugar gel’?) *BUT* There’s a fabulous caveat to PB – get ready for this, it’s called ALMOND BUTTER and it’s fabulouso! I eat it a spoonful at a time for a snack, or even better, atop primal waffles/pancakes!!


= De-Freaking-Licious!!!

Enjoy, my P/P peeps!!!

The Whole30 Challenge.

March 3, 2010

What is this challenge I speak of? Here’s an excerpt from a Paleo/Fitness website, The Whole 9 Life, written by Melissa Urban, also of Urban Gets Diesel. (and yes, I realize she mentions in the following quote that this is not a 30-day challenge. I use the word ‘challenge’ for lack of a more suitable alternative.)

Start Here: The Whole30

In Part II of our Guide to Eating Dirty, I recommend cheating smart – indulging in those foods that aren’t going to knock you out of energy, wellness and performance commission for days on end. The concept sounds pretty easy, and it is… as long as you know how various food groups like gluten, dairy and legumes affect you. So how do you figure out what foods are okay to cheat with, and what foods will never be worth it?

I can tell you where it STARTS… strip out all the crap from your diet and let your body heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be provoking. What, exactly, does that mean? Super strict, no cheat, by-the-book Paleo for the next 30 days. Cut all the foods that could be kicking you in the crotch without you even knowing it for the next 30 days, and see how that feels. (To be clear – this is NOT a “30 Day Challenge”. This is so much bigger than that. And it’s not really even about cheating. I kind of tricked you there. I’m not sorry. Read on, please.)

As you can see, Melissa is one tough chic and I admire that in her. I especially like her “Tough Love” portion of the full-length post (read on) as well as the “This.Is.Not.Hard” attitude, because really, it isn’t, people. It’s food. It’s not meth. It’s rethinking food as “fuel” instead of “comfort”. Find comfort in meditation or exercise. Food keeps you going so that you can enjoy the comforts of life. Now this is not to say you shouldn’t genuinely enjoy what you’re eating because you should, and I do. But I’d love to get down to business and really find out what is best for my body. You only get one of these bodies, make it last, really LAST for as long as you’re here. You can’t do this over again. Love yourself, because if you don’t no one will do it for you.

So I’ll be quite honest, I had set out to take this challenge a few weeks ago but fell way short of the 30 day goal. Ok, to be real with you, I failed. I gave up. I broke down. I think failing to achieve a goal has more mental repercussions than the loss of the potential outcome itself. I know I beat myself up mentally for being weak more than anything. So, as you all as my witness, I am taking on this challenge FOR REAL. Today. Right now. And my goal is to blog about my progress and be accountable for myself in writing, for proof. And I’m hoping to post photos along the way. Let’s start with a few “before” pics.

This first one is from September of 2007, when I weighed my heaviest @ 151 pounds. I am 5’4″ and I can safely say that 151 pounds is NOT a healthy weight for me. Excuse the underwear (they’re long gone – I’ve traded them in for something a little more flattering!), my bathing suits didn’t exactly fit at the time.

This one is from this past summer, sometime in July, probably about 146 pounds.

And here’s a relatively recent one, after 6 months of moderate dedication to Crossfit (2-3 days per week) and 2 good, solid months of 90% clean eating. 138 pounds. See any difference?

I will do my part, I will seek out delicious recipes, cook for myself, exercise to the best of my ability and do this. I’d love to be a source of encouragement and information if you need it. I’ll count on you for feedback, too. Let’s do this…together.

If you’re still lost on the who/WHAT/when/where/WHY’s of Paleo/Primal, please do not hesitate to ask. I have great friends who are full of information as well as loads of websites that provide great resources.

I’ll leave you with this quote from her post:

Start now. Today. This minute. Count out thirty days, go immediately to your grocery store and stock up on things you can eat, and begin. Cold turkey, just start. It’s the only way to do it. Give yourself excuses, reasons to put it off, and you may never begin. Do it now.